November 13, 2021
6 MIN زمان مطالعه

21 Interesting Facts About Canada

November 13, 2021
6 MIN زمان مطالعه

21 Interesting Facts About Canada

The fact that Canada is considered a “foreign” country does not mean that there are no weird things to see and experience here. In fact, there are more weird things to see and experience here than in any other country in the world. Here are some of the top weird facts about Canada.

Having Unique Hair

One of Canada’s most popular weird facts is that many First Nations people, who live on the prairie, have unique hair. Some First Nations people dye their hair in different colors, like blue, red, and even black. There are even some who have actual human hair in their hair. The reason for this phenomenon is not really known, but it has been noticed.

“Eh” is an accurate word!

The term “eh” is widely used in Canadian speech. Along with “about,” it’s a classic example of a stereotypically Canadian linguistic usage. When you say “Eh,” you’re using an invariant because it doesn’t change. “Nice day, eh?” is an example of a tag used to turn a statement into a question. Alternatively, you may use “isn’t it?” in place of the word “eh.”

Apology Act In Canada

Apologies were previously admissible in court, but in 2009, a law was established that declared them invalid. A “sorry” was defined as an “expression of compassion or sorrow” and not as an admission of responsibility or liability related to what was said or done. So be careful not to say “sorry” in Canada if you made a mistake.

Manitoba Is Snake Territory

Manitoba is home to the world’s largest gathering of snakes. As many as 100,000 red-sided garter snakes emerge from the Narcisse Snake Den in Manitoba each winter to mate. These snakes can withstand temperatures of -45 degrees.  That is surprising Canada!

It has national parks bigger than countries

There are 30 national parks larger than 30 countries, such as Denmark, Switzerland, Armenia, El Salvador.

Superman was co-created by a Canadian!

An interesting fact for Superman fans! Joseph Shuster, a Canadian artist, was one of the co-creators of Superman.

Largest coastline

Another interesting fact about surprising  Canada! It has the longest total coastline in the world. There are 202,080 km/ 125,567 miles of coast on three sides of the country: the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic.

It Houses Moose

Another hair-raising fact about Canada is the fact that it houses moose. Yes, you read that right. Inuit have horns. And yes, they also wear loose shirts. They also practice totem pole dancing, which involves using their horns and hair as the source of strength. These are only two of the amazing facts about Canada that you must know.

Canadians love Kraft

In comparison to Americans, Canadians consume 55%  more Kraft Mac & Cheese (or Kraft Dinner) annually.

Their Currency Has Two Colors

Another interesting fact is that Canada’s paper currency comes in different colors (Dollar bills have different colors; 5-dollar bill is blue, 10-dollar bill is purple, 20-dollar bill is green, 50-dollar bill is red and finally 100-dollar bill is yellow. facts about Canada is that their currency has two colors. When the dollar was first introduced, it was the greenback. Over time, the government realized that many people were confused by the color change, so in 2021, they changed it back to the original blue. Even though many people are unaware of this, it is true. The Canadian dollar still has this interesting secret, although it has been changed from blue to green.

World’s Longest Non-Military Border

The border between Canada and the United States is the world’s longest international border. The terrestrial boundary stretches for 8,891 kilometers (5,525 miles), includes the Great Lakes, Atlantic, and Pacific coasts.

Canada Has Less Gravity Than Anywhere Else In The World!

This fact may be something that many of you will be very surprised about. You’ll be a tenth of an ounce thinner in areas of Canada than you’d be everywhere else. The gravity of Canada is really lower than it should be. Scientists have been baffled by the reasons behind the shortage for decades.

Over 20% Of Canada’s Population Is Foreign-Born!

This figure is increasing day by day, and this shows the increase in immigration to Canada.

Canada Is The Most Educated Country In The World

It is interesting to know that Canada is the most educated country in the world after South Korea with 62%.

Polar Bear Capital

With over a thousand bears migrating to Manitoba from July to November, the province has been dubbed “the world’s polar bear capital.” Predators such as this spend the summer here and look forward to the winter, when they may hunt ringed seals from up on the bay’s frozen surface.

Canada Is Largely Uninhabited

Canada is the world’s second-largest country; however, more than 80% of its land is uninhabited, and the majority of Canadians reside in a handful of big cities near the U.S. border.

Santa Claus Official Address Is In Canada

Santa has his own address in Canada. Every Christmas, Santa Claus receives more than 1 million letters from children all throughout the world.

Food Production In Canada

Canadians make up around 0.5% of the worldwide population, produce about 1.5% of the world’s food and consume roughly 0.6% of the world’s food production.

Canada Is Prepared For Aliens

Another interesting fact about Canada is that they are prepared for aliens. This is a strange fact.

Canada Produces Most Of The World’s Maple Syrup

Because of the country’s recent expansion, Canada now produces more than 80% of the world’s maple syrup, amounting to around 73 million kg of syrup annually.

Canada Produces Most Of The World’s Maple Syrup

Quebec City Is A First In More Ways Than One

Fortified Old Québec, home to French Canada’s first permanent settlement in northern Mexico, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Québec City is well-known for its rich history, cobblestone streets, and world-famous Château Frontenac.


While most people focus on the weird in the country, it should be noted that many things are truly spectacular in Canada. One of those spectacular events is the Canadian Winter Olympic Games. Every year in July, teams from all over the world come to Canada to take part in the Winter Olympics. Aside from sports, this event also showcases various artistic elements, such as musical acts, dance teams, and even artistic displays. For you to enjoy all the exciting aspects of this fantastic event, you need to make sure that you book your trip to Canada early. With that in mind, you should also plan your activities to get to see as much of the area as possible to capture the most beautiful scenes.

1- What percentage of Canada’s population was born abroad?

Approximately 20%

2- What percentage of Canada’s population is educated?

About 62%

3- What is Manitoba famous for as a capital?

Polar bear capital

4- Which country produces most of the world’s maple syrup?


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