October 6, 2021
12 MIN زمان مطالعه

How to Study in Canada For Free

October 6, 2021
12 MIN زمان مطالعه

How to Study in Canada For Free

Nowadays, students from all over the world choose Canadian universities to study in various fields due to the establishment of very famous universities in the Canadian provinces, most of which have prestigious positions in the world rankings. The facilities offered to students at Canadian universities have attracted the attention of many those interested in studying, both scientifically and financially. One of the first questions that can occupy the mind of any person applying to study in Canada is the cost of studying in this country. How to study in Canada for free is the question of many people interested in studying abroad. But is it really possible to study in Canada for free?

The general answer to the question of whether it is possible to study in Canada for free is to say no. All Canadian universities and “colleges” require tuition for both international and native students, but this does not mean that there is no way for international students to study in Canada for free.

Follow the article to learn more about free or cheap tuition in Canada.

General conditions for International Students to Study in Canada For Free

Free education in Canada is virtually impossible for international undergraduate students unless they are resident in Canada. International students can apply to study in schools, universities and colleges in Canada and come to this country to study, and after they are in the environment, they can look for a job and get the permanent residency and a Canadian passport afterwards. There are many study opportunities for international students wishing to study in Canada. The opportunities available depend on the field of study or research and the country of origin.

The following steps will help international students study in Canada for free:

Step 1. Study Hard

In order to get a scholarship to study in Canada, you must have a strong academic backround. High-grade transcripts, ISI papers, and high-grade language certifications usually have a positive effect on the resume. This is only because the providers want to know that the student receiving the scholarship is serious about the experience of studying in Canada. It is important to do your job and get good grades sooner to show scholarship providers that you intend to study not only as an opportunity to travel but also as an opportunity to advance experience at higher levels of learning as well.

hard study

Step 2.  Know the types of scholarships to study in Canada and choose according to your needs

Scholarships are one of the best ways to study for free in Canada. Canadian Scholarships are awarded to international students with high resumes. The amount and type of allowance varies between institutions. The competition for scholarships is very high and applications must be made directly from each university. The following is a list of international student scholarships for those interested in studying in Canada for free.

Canadian Government Scholarships

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships – Scholarships and grants awarded by the Government of Canada to international students for postgraduate study in the natural and social sciences or health research.

IDRC Research Awards – Scholarships offered by the Government of Canada to students in developing countries to pursue postgraduate or doctoral research at Canada’s leading universities.

NSERC Graduate Scholarships – A variety of scholarships, grants, and funds offered by the Government of Canada to Distinguished Students majoring in Natural Sciences or Engineering at a reputable Canadian university. These scholarships are funded by NSERC.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program is a scholarship offered by the Government of Canada to international PhD students to study at some Canadian universities.

Non-Governmental Scholarships in Canada

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund – Scholarships aimed at international students pursuing a doctorate in animal research at a prestigious Canadian university in Quebec or the University of British Columbia.

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships – The Trudeau Foundation has a number of scholarships, scholarships and coaching courses aimed at a number of PhD students working at some of Canada’s top educational institutions.

University Scholarships in Canada

Carlton University Scholarships for International Students: These are scholarships for Carlton University in Canada, and all graduate students with the same application form to study at the university will be included in the scholarship review list to qualify. It is necessary to benefit from this financial aid.

International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada: A range of Canadian scholarships aimed at undergraduate international students to encourage them to study at Humber College in Toronto, Canada.

University of Alberta Scholarships for International Students: A range of scholarship options for international undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Alberta.

University of Waterloo International Fund: A variety of Canadian scholarships awarded to international students applying to the University of Waterloo for a master’s or doctoral degree.

Step 3. Apply For Affordable Universities

Studying at Canadian universities is a great option for international students. Because Canadian universities have a high quality of education and students have the opportunity to study in English and French. Tuition fees at Canadian universities are lower than at universities in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, so students can study at high quality universities at affordable costs.

The Cheapest Canadian Undergraduate Universities

  1. Brandon University

Location: Brandon, Manitoba

Average tuition: $ 7,000

  1. Université de Saint-Boniface

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Average tuition: $ 7,000

Courses: Some of St. Boniface University’s majors include Bachelor of Arts, Social Work, Translation, Science, Nursing, Business, and Education.

  1. University of Guelph

Location: Guelph, Ontario

Average tuition: $ 10,000

Courses: The university offers undergraduate degrees in five faculties: Arts, Biological Sciences, Business and Economics, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Humanities and Applied Social Sciences.

The cheapest Canadian Universities for Masters Study

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland

Average tuition: $ 3,000

Curricula: Offering a variety of undergraduate and doctoral programs in person and online in the humanities and social sciences, professional programs, interdisciplinary and science programs.

  1. University of Northern British Columbia

Location: St. George, British Columbia

Average tuition: $ 3,000

Programs: MBA, MSc, Med, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate Certificates and PhD programs. Among the fields of this university, we can mention the fields of management, engineering and natural sciences.

  1. University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Average tuition: $ 3,000

The University of Calgary offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in law, nursing, engineering, basic science, education and social work.

Step 4. Working while studying in Canada

International students in Canada will be allowed to have a part-time job while studying, so that they can afford part of their living expenses. Part-time work permission for international students is 20 hours per week.

It should be noted that having a part-time job for international students requires permission from the University and the Canadian Immigration Service, which generally allows students to work while studying.

After completing their studies, with the permission issued by the Canadian Immigration Office to graduates, international students can find a full-time job and obtain permanent residence in Canada after 3 years by paying insurance and taxes and having sufficient salaries. In fact, the Canadian Residency Law If a person has lived and worked continuously in Canada for the past 5 years and has paid insurance and taxes, he or she can become a permanent resident of Canada.


Study in Canada For Free Based on Different Levels of Education

Tuition fees in Canada vary depending on the level of your degree. There are also different training programs that cost different. Therefore, in order to know the cost of studying in Canada, you must first choose the degree and program of your choice

Study in Canadian Schools for Free

Free education in Canada is very attractive for international students, the main reasons for which are the quality of education and the educational system of this country. Canada has been named the third best country in the world for education. The education system in Canadian schools is divided into the following two categories:

Education in public schools

As you know, free education in public schools is reserved for students who are Canadian residents or hold a permanent resident card (PR). Studying in these schools has a high tuition for foreign students. There is a mix of Canadian and international students in all Canadian schools. It is noteworthy that public schools continue to operate on a daily basis.

Education in private schools

Tuition in private schools is also reserved for international students, and tuition at these schools is between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 per year. It is noteworthy that private schools work as boarding schools, which means students live at school during the academic year.

Students whose parent has a work visa or “Canadian student visa” are eligible for free public schooling in Canada. As a result, people who want to study for free in Canada must either enter free schools through one of the parents in Canada, or parents can obtain permanent residency by working in Canada by participating in the Express Entry system. Those children under 18 can enjoy free education.

International students who intend to study in Canadian schools can study in private schools in Canada. The cost that public schools receive from international students is much lower than that of private schools. Due to low public-school tuition fees, it is not possible to obtain a Canadian scholarship for those attending Canadian public schools.

 Study Bachelor in Canada For Free

Free postgraduate study in Canada is only possible if you receive a scholarship or find a supervisor. Students must have a high language score, a strong resume, multiple academic papers and appropriate academic qualifications to receive a scholarship from the professor or university in question. Obtaining a scholarship for a master’s degree is very weak. The Canadian

Postgraduate Scholarship is mostly for research-based courses in which the student is required to work on a project designated by the professor in order to receive financial assistance in return

To study for a master’s degree in Canada, in addition to proving financial means for living expenses, you must have an IELTS English level of 6.5 and a 12-year diploma with a bachelor’s degree. Studying in Canada is normally costly for an international student, but the individual has the ideal conditions and a strong academic and work resume, such as having IELTS 7, submitting international papers, having letters of recommendation from eminent professors, and reviewing the conditions of the destination university. He can apply for a postgraduate scholarship to study in Canada, in which case he can enter Canada for free to study if the university accepts him.

Study Masters in Canada for Free

Studying at this stage will cost the student less because it will be completed faster. It usually takes 2 years to study for a master’s degree in Canada. After graduation, they will be allowed to work, which is actually the goal of many students. Free undergraduate education in Canada is for people who live in Canada or are Canadian citizens. Free or low-cost college education is also available to Canadian citizens

The amount of undergraduate scholarships in Canada is very, very limited. Because of this, getting a bachelor’s degree in Canada is more difficult than getting a bachelor’s degree. Students applying for a bachelor’s degree are advised to immigrate to Canada to study first. Then, after spending one or two semesters, apply for a scholarship from the university

International students must be admitted to a Canadian university to study for a bachelor’s degree, which requires a 12-year diploma, an English language certificate (IELTS 6), and financial support for university and living expenses. Be.

After graduating from undergraduate level, students can apply for a master’s degree or apply for a work permit with the same bachelor’s degree. It should be noted that people who have studied in Canada will have a significant privilege to obtain a work permit in this country.

Study Ph.D. in Canada for Free

Fortunately, the chances of studying Ph.D. in Canada for free are very high. But the point to keep in mind is that free education at this stage requires special conditions. To study Ph.D. in Canada for free, you must be able to receive the scholarship that the university allocates to each of the professors in the departments by proving your abilities. Usually, the funds allocated to each student for free Ph.D. studies in Canada are sufficient to live in Canada while studying in Canada. Of course, the amount of funding is not the same in all universities, and even professors do not do the same in granting free tuition to doctoral applicants.

It is worth noting that Ph.D. studies are competitive, and students who intend to receive scholarships or grants must submit a strong resume. Including having a proposal, ISI papers, approval from a reputable professor, having a score of IELTS 7 as well as a document to prove financial stability. Otherwise, they can obtain permanent residency in Canada by working in Canada and paying insurance and taxes and entering public universities so that they can begin to study Ph.D. in Canada for free.

Free education


On this article we have tried to provide you with everything you need to know about studying in Canada for free. As you have read, studying at all levels of Canadian education requires a good amount of funds. International students can take advantage of free study opportunities in Canada only under certain conditions. The best way to reduce tuition costs is to get high grades and take advantage of university discounts or submit research or innovative articles and work and get a variety of scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions about study in Canada for free

Is it possible for Iranians to study for free at Canadian universities?

Studying in Canada is not always free and you usually have to pay tuition to study at a Canadian university unless you have received a scholarship.

Is it possible to study for free in Canadian schools?

Yes, it is possible if you have a residence or a scholarship

Is it cheap to study in Canada?

Yes. Studying in Canada is relatively cheaper compared to some English-speaking countries, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I study in Canada without a language degree

To increase the chances of getting a visa for Canada, it is recommended that you provide a language degree.

Can I get a scholarship from a Canadian university?

Scholarships are usually awarded at the doctoral level, and you must submit a strong resume including a high-quality language degree, articles published in international scientific journals, and a high GPA.

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