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CanApply helped me to get my admission letter fast and easy. Also, their immigration lawyers applied for the student visa on behalf of me, and acquired it in the first attempt. Working with CanApply is a must for each international student.

Ehab Ghanghana
Ehab Ghanghana Centennial College

I think the strength of this team is always their availability and accountability. Helping me make the best decision at any time with their good advice. Having good companions in this stressful path is a need of every student. I am very happy to have met this group

Nasim Fani
Nasim Fani Western University

A few months after I met the CanApply team and I handed over my file to them last month, the CanApply team with their professional staff and excellent experience made me get my admission letter from the university very fast.I recommend everyone to get help from this professional team in this stressful path.

Mina Pourhossein
Mina Pourhossein Concordia University

The CanApply team was a trusted team that, with its professional staff, had the best results in the shortest time without losing me.All the choices were based on my own taste and circumstances, although I had conditional admission, I did not think getting a visa would be so easy for me.

Aysa Samareh
Aysa Samareh Laurentian University

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