November 28, 2021
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Study permit processing time in Canada

November 28, 2021
5 MIN زمان مطالعه

Study permit processing time in Canada

Knowing the Study permit processing time in Canada is one of the main concerns of those who tend to immigrate to Canada.

Numerous foreign students prefer to study in Canada due to the valuable benefits they receive during their studies.

 Applying for visa applications is one of the first easy steps you can take in this long journey.

 By paying attention to some instructions, you can maximize the chance of getting your study permit.

This blog shares useful tips about the process of getting a study permit and the waiting time duration.

How to get study permit after you apply

Your finger print

Getting a study permit in Canada starts with your finger print and photo, called Automated Biometric Identification.

You are supposed to present your biometrics as the first step of getting a study permit.

You will only need to give your biometrics once every ten years, or else you need to get your biometrics again.

Process your study permit application

You need to send us all the required documents in order for us to verify your identity and process them. We also require that the documents are comprehensive and error-free, otherwise they may be returned to you.

Note: You may have to attend an interview or send more information. It might also be necessary to prepare for medical examination or police clearance certificates.

 Missing Documents

There is no worry about missing documents because document requirements vary depending on the academic program’s type, level, and length.

There are two contact ways to submit any missed document:

  1. your IRCC secure account 2. IRCC web form

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Updating your application

If your contact information or eligibility is changed, such as job situation, education, and language skills, you have to update your application.

If we approve your application: you can get your study permit, whether on the way to Canada or in Canada itself.

 If we reject your application: We will mention the reasons listed below

  • Finding no evidence to prove that you are qualified to pay all your expenses while studying in Canada
  • Do not have the medical examination
  • Do not provide a convincing reason whether your main goal is studying in Canada or you will come back to your home country after your academic study

How long will it take to process my study permit application?

It is undeniable that more students submit many applications to get a Canadian study permit. Many of them still do not know what is going on here; we explain the two main reasons for waiting a long time.

1.      Average Canadian study permits processing time

The average processing time for a Canadian study permit usually takes 9 to 11 weeks.

As soon as IRCC receives your complete application, the processing time starts.

2.      processing time varies based on different parameters

Generally, these key factors have significant effects on determining the processing time

  • The application’s type
  • The complete application
  • The speed of processing time for previous applications
  • How easy we can verify your information
  • Your response duration to complete missing or additional documents

3.      Processing Time for Students Inside vs. Outside of Canada  

Inside vs. outside study permits can vary your visa processing time.

An inside study permit that takes about 11 weeks applies to those who apply as temporary residents in Canada (visitors, students). An outside study permit takes 9 weeks and is dedicated to individuals who want to study outside of Canada.

study permit processing time in Canada

Wrapping it up

We explained the fundamental points of a study permit in Canada that will show exactly how long study permit processing time takes for you.

Knowing study permits processing time in Canada can show the road to every seeker of this path.

So why not scan these informational tips to make you aware of other in-depth matters?

In that case, it would help you pass your application process with minimum concern and ambiguity.

Also, you can read about some key questions about study permits in Canada, which break into 4.

Frequently asked questions

1.I’m an international student in Canada. Can I work while studying?

Although working on or off the campus while you are enrolled in a program is possible, your study permit determines whether you qualify to work or not.

Also, you are not eligible to work prior to your program’s commencement date. We further recommend that you consider your situation and requirements to accept a particular job while studying.

Unless your study consists of an internship, you need to present a work permit. On the flip side, working while studying on or off-campus does not require you to get a work permit.

2. How do I apply for a study permit?

You should apply for the study permit before moving to Canada. In this step, keep in mind that you need to have the letter of acceptance (offer letter) from a designated learning institution.

3. When should I apply for my study permit?

After you receive your acceptance, you need to apply for your study permit; however, the time of the process based on the visa office can be different.

4. Do I need a permit to study in Canada?

Only immigrants need a permit to study in Canada. In this way, applying for a study permit in Canada should be done in three ways: Inside Canada, Outside Canada, Or from the port of entry.

Note: Remember only a particular type of people can apply for a study permit from inside the Canada

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