Behnam Farsi
January 31, 2022
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11most cheapest place to live in canada for students

Behnam Farsi
January 31, 2022
7 MIN زمان مطالعه

11most cheapest place to live in canada for students

While Vancouver and Toronto are home to most of the best universities and colleges, luckily many Canadian cities are not only affordable, but they include great schools. Many people consider the cost of rent or services, taxes, food, transportation, etc while choosing the city to live in. Keeping these in mind, let’s penetrate some cheap places to live in Canada.

Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Sherbrook, Quebec is located in Southern Quebec and 156 km from east of Montreal tops the cheapest place to live in Canada with the rent cost of 800ft apartment. Sherbrooke, Quebec is a beautiful serene due to its proximity to mountains, lakes, etc. The crime level is very low  here and 40000 students are spread across eight institutions in Quebec. Compared to the national average, the cost of living is 15.6% below, and it’s not usual to find one-bedroom apartments for under C$800 per month.

Laval, Quebec.

Generally, Quebec is a city where is affordable for students, but also it is home to the lowest tuition fees in Canada. Laval locates just 30 km northwest of Montréal and is one of the largest cities in Quebec. By choosing Lava, students can maximize their savings, since the cost of living is 9% lower than the national average.

Rimouski, Quebec

This attractive city is located on the southern bank of the Saint Laurence River with a population of 49,000 people. Rimouski is one of the most affordable cities with a living cost of C$710 that offers the most prosperous jobs for women in the fields of engineering. The tranquil natural setting of Rimouski makes it an attractive destination for nature lovers. 

Calgary, Alberta.

Being a mountainous region with open rivers, spaces, and more sunshine than other Calgary in Alberta is a beautiful place to live in. The city is popular for leisure activities and it boasts of the most extensive bikeway system in North America. Taking Alberta’s low provincial taxes into consideration, the cost of living in Calgary is even more manageable. In addition, with a vacancy rate of 3.9% renting is more competitive in Cowtown which over the last year it has pushed the average rents up 2.4 % C$879 dollars. Using a public transit costs C$106 and eating out costs approximately C$134 per month also gym membership is C$55 dollars. The proximate location of Calgary to the gas and oil industry makes it a popular school for the quality of engineering programs, business, medicines, and agriculture. University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Bow Valley College, and the Southern Alberta Insitute of Technology are local universities and colleges in Calgary. Some popular neighborhoods are Sunnyside and Kensington for their hip feel, walkability, and transit access. Additionally, Connaught is a short C train ride is the city’s nightlife hub.

Ottawa, Ontario.

With universities like Ottawa and Carleton, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has a strong student vibe. There are several restaurants, bars, and gorgeous downtown areas with quirky cafes. Though in Little Italy, Osgoode Street, Centre town, and Old Ottawa South, you can find apartments. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 1,200 (Rs 70,000). 

Kingston, Ontario.

Located at the eastern end of Lake of Ontario, there are 123,798 people in Kingston. The city Limestone shares its name with the capital city of Jamaica. It might sound weird, but it was briefly one of the first capital of United Canadas. Healthcare, public education, government, and tourism are public sector institutions in the city. Because of social life and the student community of Kingston Ontario, students will get an at-home feeling all the time. Moreover, compared with Toronto, restaurants, transportation, and leisure activities are much cheaper in Kingston. While childcare and utilities are uncommonly costly. Living cost in Kingston is significantly lower than that of Toronto with an average monthly rent of CAD 1,220 (Rs 71,000) for a one-bedroom apartment. 

St. Catharines, Ontario.

St. Catharines, Ontario is seventh most affordable city with a living cost of 0.5% below the national average. The monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment goes for C$1,314 in St. Catherines. Owning 1,000 acres of gardens, parks, and trails St. Catherines is known as “The Garden City”. Also, this serene city is just a 20-minute drive from Niagara Falls.

Moncton, New Brunswick.

The largest city but the cheapest province in New Brunswick is Moncton where the cost of living is 6.3% below the national average. Similar to other cities of Canada, Moncton is a promising and welcoming place for international students. For renting a one-bedroom apartment, one has to pay around CAD 835 (Rs 49,000) per month. 

Abbotsford, British Columbia.

While many consider British Columbia an expensive city, luckily some provinces are budget-friendly for international students. E.g. Abbotsford is the largest city in the province which the cost of living is 3.6 % below the national average. In Abbotsford, British Columbia you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for around CAD 1,500 (Rs 88,000) every month.

Timmins, Ontario

Timming is popular for its stunning lodging, exquisite food with a population of 42,000. Although Timmins offers a lifestyle of metropolitan communities, the living cost is not that huge about C$1,424/ monthly. The economy of Timmins city is largely dependent on mining and lumber. Besides, there is a great passion and respect for nature and ensuring a safe balance in forestry of Timmins, Ontario.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal in Quebec is the cheapest and most affordable university town to live in Canada with the advantage of its rich cultural scene. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around CAD 1,290 (Rs 75,000). A great number of international students choose to live in a Plateau which is dotted with quirky shops, cafes, and reasonable restaurants with delicious food. 


   Other than the fees of educational institutions, there is a diversity of expenses that students need to bear. These costs largely depend on the city where they live in. Here are some contributive factors to call a city affordable:

Affordable Accommodation 

   The availability of pocket-friendly accommodation is among the prime requirements of an affordable student city. Although staying on a college/university campus is an option, still you should be able to afford to rent a reasonable place.

Effective Transport System

   Be aware of the available transportation options in the city while considering your expenses. Public transportation is a crucial part of an affordable city since most students count on public transportation.

Pocket-Friendly Activities

   You can not dedicate all your time to books ad roaming on campus. It is common to enjoy experiencing a new culture, visit vocal attractions, and taste local delicacies without breaking the bank. When we look for the best secondary education with the lowest living cost, Canada finds a particular mention as one of the most affordable countries in the world. Besides, the sense of acceptance toward foreign students, welcoming immigration policies clubbed with great job opportunities make Canada an ideal study destination for overseas students. If you think of studying in Canada, attempt to study in the above-listed regions which are the most affordable Canadian cities. I hope the list of Canadian places to live in Canada will assist you in your quest for low-cost living cities in Canada. 


1.What is the most student-friendly city in Canada?

   Based on the world ranking, Montreal holds tops the highest position amongst the ten best student-friendly cities. 

2. What is life like for students in Canada?

   Regardless of the level living in Canada as a student is a huge experience. Through colleges and universities, you will be connected with friends and colleagues who will remain valuable throughout your career as well. 

3. What is the cheapest city to study in Canada?

   It can be seen that Moncton, New Brunswick has the lowest living cost of about CAD$800 per month for an individual. 

4. Is it difficult to move to Canada? 

   Canada is relatively easy to immigrate to, but particularly, it will depend on several factors like the country you move from, your study background, job skills, the amount of money you have, and what you intend to do in Canada. 

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