Behnam Farsi
December 3, 2022
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3 year bachelor degree programs in canada

Behnam Farsi
December 3, 2022
6 MIN زمان مطالعه

3 year bachelor degree programs in canada

After completing high school education, students can enter university to study in their desired field at higher levels. In Canada, students can enter college after completing their education in high school. Colleges have a shorter curriculum and students can enter the job market more quickly. Continuing your education at university could be a little more difficult than college and a university’s bachelor’s degree is more prestigious than a college’s. In this blog, we will introduce you to three-year undergraduate programs in Canadian universities.

3-year bachelor programs in Canada

Some educational institutions and universities in Canada have created a program for students in which they can receive a four-year bachelor’s degree in three years. But this does not include all universities and educational institutions. In the rest of this article, we talk about institutions and universities that offer three-year bachelor’s degree programs.

Schulich Business School 

Schulich is known as the School of Business and Commerce of York University and is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario. In this educational institution, management and business courses are available to students in all three levels of education (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.). Schulich is ranked 88th globally and 5th in Canada. This business school is accredited by the MBA Association (AMBA) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). In Schulich, courses such as business analysis, management, finance, business management, a doctorate in law, etc. are offered to students.

York University

York University is one of the largest educational institutions in the province of Ontario. This university is one of Canada’s research universities and it is a government institution. Established in 1959 in the metropolis of Toronto, York University is known as the third largest university in Canada, all courses at this university are taught in English, but one of the campuses is bilingual to also accommodate French-speaking students. This university offers three-year undergraduate programs.

The Ted Rogers School of Management 

This school is known as the Ryerson University Business School, which was established in 1948 in the province of Ontario, Canada. This business school has a lot of credit and reputation in Canada and has the international accreditation of AACSB. In this school, undergraduate courses such as economics, accounting, management and technology, tourism management, etc. are offered to the applicants. At the master’s level, courses such as management and MBA are offered to students.

Ryerson University is a public research university located in Toronto. The establishment of this university goes back to 1948, due to its reputation and prestige, it has been able to get a high rank among other Ontario universities. This university has 6 faculties and offers more than 100 courses to students. According to the published statistics, about 95% of students are employed in their second academic year, which can indicate the high prestige and high level of education in this university. Many students apply for 3-year programs at this university. This university currently has about 38,000 students, of which nearly 3,000 are continuing their studies at the master’s and doctoral levels.

What if the desired university or program requires 16 years of education?

In some Canadian universities, you must have successfully completed 16 years of education to register. Of course, this issue is related to supplementary courses, for which you must successfully complete 12 years of primary education and 4 years of undergraduate education. There are usually several solutions to this problem. During the undergraduate course, you can transfer to the desired university in the third or fourth year. Of course, this way you may have to study an extra year, but it is a good option for those who have not completed 16 years of education.

You can also submit your transcripts to World Education Services or WES for further evaluation. This center considers your three-year bachelor’s degree as valid if the university where you study is ranked A.

Introduction of Canadian universities that offer a three-year bachelor’s degree for a master’s degree

In addition to the business schools and universities that we introduced at the beginning of the article, there are other universities that offer students a three-year bachelor’s degree. These universities are:

University of Manitoba 

This university is the first university in western Canada established in 1877. The University of Manitoba, which is a public research university, is located in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is known as the only research university in Manitoba. The University of Manitoba offers more than 100 courses for students in its 14 faculties (Faculty of Business, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Technology and Art, etc.). 

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in the center of the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario. Founded in 1827, this public university has been ranked first in Canada and all its courses are taught in English and French. The University of Toronto offers a wide variety of majors for students. More than 700 undergraduate and more than 300 graduate courses are offered.

Vancouver Island University 

Established in 1969, Vancouver Island University originally started as Malaspina College. In its early years, it was able to provide education for 600 students, thus it was officially recognized as a university in 2008. This university has 4 main campuses located in different parts of British Columbia. The language of instruction at this university is English and more than 14000 students are studying there. This public university is ranked 40th in Canada.

University of Montreal HEC

This university is located in Montreal, Quebec. The University of Montreal HEC is one of the few universities where courses are taught in English, French, and Spanish. This university was established in 1907 and is also known as a scientific center. The majority of students apply to this university for its business and engineering programs. HEC State University offers more than 100 courses to students. With its high quality of education, HEC University has been able to get the 6th rank in the Canadian ranking.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University is one of the universities in the province of British Columbia that started its activities in 1970. This university is offering face-to-face and online courses to students, and in another program, they offer three-year bachelor’s degrees to students. Thompson Rivers University was initially known as a research and educational university and is currently considered the best university in the country. Very successful and prominent people have graduated from this university. Thompson Rivers has many faculties such as Law and Judiciary, Art, Business and Economics, Education and Social Work, Nursing, Business, Culinary Arts, etc.

University of British Columbia 

The University of British Columbia, another public university in Canada located in Vancouver, has provided students with the opportunity to obtain a three-year bachelor’s degree. All local and international students can apply for this degree. This university, which is now ranked 51st, was founded in 1908.

Final word

Studying in Canadian universities, which have a high-quality education system, is the dream of many students worldwide. Canadian universities have been able to achieve a high world ranking. The number of students admitted to Canadian universities is increasing every year, and the Canadian government tries to provide suitable pathways to work and settle permanently after graduation.

Behnam Farsi

Behnam Farsi

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