Behnam Farsi
January 31, 2022
6 MIN زمان مطالعه

1 year masters programs in canada 2020 list

Behnam Farsi
January 31, 2022
6 MIN زمان مطالعه

1 year masters programs in canada 2020 list

Have you ever noticed that many foreign nationals are taking advantage of 1-year master programs in Canada by applying to top universities that make this huge educational opportunity available?

 Studying Master’s in Canada is one of the international students’ goals to enjoy the useful learning facilities and added value.

Canada is among the highest standard universities worldwide, and providing such Postgraduate opportunities has made it one of the most popular countries for study purposes in recent years.

Despite world-class universities, Canada offers a safe and perfect space for studying by fulfilling a wide range of factors such as nature attractions, vast diversity, harmony amongst culturally diverse people, and friendliness.

So, all these options together have a tremendous positive impact on the Canadian Master’s universities’ to attract many students all around the world.

This blog will compile all you need to know about 1-year Master’s programs in Canada and the right way to achieve them.

Why study 1 year Masters Programs in Canada?

Studying in Canada is an appealing option for international students because it includes various valuable choices for studying, and living. So the significant number of applicants and international students can prove this.

Now studying for masters in 1 year is a compelling offer that can grab attention to educational immigration.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for those who want to study a master’s efficiently.

There are seven valuable reasons  to aim at studying for masters in Canada:

  1. It Provides a safe and high-quality life
  2. It Includes ground-branking education environment
  3. It offers an effective teaching system
  4. It Has diverse study options
  5. It is cost-effective for studying
  6. It paves the way to find your desired job
  7. Ranks to highest-standard  for the educational institution

1 year Masters Programs in Canada for international students

Canada has more than 6 million international students from 200 countries over the globe.

The demand for quality education and affordability opens up a big possibility for international students looking to do masters programs in Canada.

International students can benefit from 11popular master programs in different degrees to find better job prospects.

  1. Master of Arts
  2. Master of Science
  3. Master of Fine Arts
  4. Master of Engineering
  5. Master of Business Administration
  6. Master of Digital Media
  7. MS in Psychological Sciences
  8. Master of Food Science
  9. Master of Health Sciences
  10. Master of Biological Science
  11. Master of Biomedical Science

1 year Masters programs break into time and financial limitations and enable international students to make the most of their skills and time to achieve their favorite jobs and living after graduate studies.

Note: If Students complete their 1-year masters in Canada, they can apply for the work permit after their post-graduation time.

1 year Masters Programs in Canada: Top universities 2022

Canada is a great place to the top universities in the world that cover a variety of degree programs.

Name of UniversityRank Rate
University of Toronto    26
McGill University            27
University of British Columbia               46
University of Montreal111
University of Alberta      126
McMaster University     140
University of Waterloo  149
Trinity Western University               170
University of Calgary      235
University of Ottawa   230

TOP 3 Ranked universities for masters in Canada

University of Toronto    

The University of Toronto is a public research university that ranks as 26 among top Canadian universities and puts in the group of 1-year master programs.

Since it offers a pool of unique learning environments with vast and diverse facilitates, it is one of the most well-known universities in Canada.

The university brings the possibility of educating in multiple disciplines of 1 year.

McGill University

The second top-ranked Canadian university in Master’s degrees is McGill, with 27 rank. McGill University is considered one of the best public research universities that offer 1-year master-level degree. It is one of the competitive universities for the Master that provide a wonderful lifelong learning community for senior students.

It covers MS of Management in Finance and MS of Management in Analytics for one year program.

University of British Columbia    

The University of British Columbia is a home for research and teaching that ranked 46 among eleven top-ranked universities in 2022. The admission process is still competitive, and UBC offers 1-year Master’s programs in some courses like Computer Science, Finance, Information Technology, etc.

6 Requirements for masters in Canada

International students who tend to study for postgraduate courses in Canada in 1 year can easily qualify for this goal with a good academic background in the respective fields.

  1. In fact, they have to get a minimum GPA of 3.0/ 4.0 or equivalent at the BSc.
  2. They might have to give the entrance exam by changing their major study.
  3. Some test scores are absolutely essential such as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or a Graduate Registration Review (GRE)
  4. International students must submit their English language testing, including TOEFL, IELTS  if their mother tongue is not English.
  5. Students who learn courses in two languages concurrently need to give a test for French-language determining the level.
  6. Students are supposed to submit their Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to be eligible for the 1-year master course.

How much does a Master’s Degree Cost in Canada?

The cost of masters degree in Canada varies depending on the chosen university and the course.

Generally,  the cost of studying in Canada for masters degree typically ranges from CAD $7,000 to CAD$ 28,000.

However, tuition fees are affordable for 1-year Master’s programs in Canada, approximately  CAD$ 7,000 to CAD$20,000 [3.96 Lacs to 12.07 Lacs].


Pursuing your educational history in your academic program, possessing English language proficiency, plus delivering SOP and LOR are the key to unlocking the possibility of 1 year Masters’s program in Canada.

These factors ease the process of entering a Master’s program in Canada.

Also, remember that based on any top colleges offering 1-year masters programs in Canada, you need to add other requirements to your list.

I hope that you can find your master program according to several one-year master’s programs to start the process of education in Canada more sensible with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many years is a masters degree in Canada?

Masters degree in Canada usually lasts one or two years, depending on the educational institute system.  Also, some specific academic programs allow to get the degree in 1 year.

  • Is it worth doing one year masters in Canada?

For international students who need less investment in money and time, coming up with a 1-year master’s degree is really economical and makes Canada a famous study abroad destination.

  • Which masters degree is most in demand in Canada?

Canada degrees have a global reputation and are valid enough to land your dream job.

The number of master degrees in demand resonates with the highest paying masters including:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Which exam is required for Masters in Canada?

GRE or GMT scores are essential to apply for post-graduation in Canada. However, the GRE score is crucial in Engineering for master programs.

Behnam Farsi

Behnam Farsi

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